Cabot’s annual Christmas Parade

Sunday, December 14th, 2008  at 3:00pm

Theme “Christmas: Past, Present & Future”


Entire Form MUST Be Complete


ORGANIZATION:              ______________________________________________________________________________________


CONTACT PERSON:        ______________________________________________________________________________________


Mailing Address: _______________________________________________  City:  ______________________  ZIP:  ___________


E-Mail Address:  ____________________________________________________________________________________________


PHONE: Daytime: (_____)__________________________________  Evening: (_____)___________________________________


TITLE OF ENTRY:              ______________________________________________________________________________________


CATEGORY [For Judging Purposes]   (Check One):                                                                   

                SCHOOL/CIVIC: _____     BUSINESS: _____     CHURCH: _____     GENERAL: _____     ANIMAL: _____


[ One Award Will Be Presented In Each Category ]

TYPE OF ENTRY   [Check One]:                                                                                     

______  VEHICLE ONLY      (   ) Car    (   ) Truck    (   ) Van    (   ) Bus                        [ Please Be Specific]:


______  VEHICLE with TRAILER/FLOAT                     ( Give Total Length of Vehicle & Trailer:  _______ feet )


______  WALKING / MARCHING GROUP   ( Give Total Number of People In Group:  _______ )


______  ANIMAL/EQUESTRIAN UNIT                        ( Give Total Number of Animals In Group:  _______ )


______  OTHER (Specify):  _______________________________________________________________


Comments (optional): Describe Anything Unique About Your Parade Entry or Your Group, Which You Would Like

For Our “MC” To Announce To The Crowd, As You Pass By The Main Stage (continue on back, if necessary):






If Applicable, Check One:                 MY ENTRY WILL PLAY MUSIC ____                   MY GROUP WILL HAND OUT CANDY ____



A $10.00 ENTRY FEE MUST ACCOMPANY EACH ENTRY FORM.  ( Late Entries = $20.00 )


Mail Completed Form & Fee to:

Cabot Christmas Parade                      Download Form On-Line                            FAX to:

P.O.Box1101                                                                     Veterans Park

Cabot, AR 72023                                                                                                   Community Center

                                                                                                            Entry Fee Must Be Paid                                                             843-5206                                      

                                                                                                             Prior To Deadline Date


You will be contacted on/after December 2nd, with your entry’s “Line-Up Number” for the parade.

**  RAIN DATE : December 21st  **


Any questions, contact Christmas Parade Officials at:  (501) 920-2122


I/We hereby certify to have read & understand the “Parade Rules” pertaining to the Cabot Christmas Parade, as stated by Cabot Christmas Parade Committee and agree to abide by all.  In consideration of the acceptance of my/our parade entry, I/we hereby voluntarily release any Cabot merchants, the Christmas Parade Committee, Cabot Parks & Recreation Dept and the City of Cabot, from any & all liability concerning damages, losses or injuries, which may occur to me or any participants affiliated with this entry, which may be suffered due to any condition, negligence, or default on my/our part.  I/We agree to accept the terms/conditions of the above provisions.


Printed Name: ________________________________  Signature: ___________________________________


Ø       Text Box: Cabot Christmas Parade Rules

“NO SANTA CLAUS” CLAUSE: The Cabot Christmas Parade Committee requires that NO ENTRIES ARE TO HAVE ANY “LIVE” PERSON IN ASANTA SUIT” in their design/presentation.  This is to alleviate any possible confusion to children.  Please, do not contact Santa Claus & ask him to ride on your entry; as we have a long-term “signed” contract with the jolly old elf.  SANTA CLAUS WILL BE OUR LAST ENTRY in the Parade.  At conclusion of Parade, Santa will greet all children at Veterans Park Community Center

Ø       DEADLINE: Entries Must Be Received No Later Than Stated Date On Parade Entry Form.  Applicable Entry Fee must accompany each form submitted to parade committee officials.

Ø       LATE ENTRIES: Entry Forms, received after the stated deadline date, will be considered on a case-by-case basis, with possible Late Fee.

Ø       ROUTE: The Parade will travel SOUTH PINE STREET, beginning at PANTHER TRAIL & ending at designated “Finish/Disband” Area, on POND STREET in the Central Elementary School Parking Lot. 

Ø       STAGING AREA & LINE-UP: Parade Line-Up will be “staged” along PANTHER TRAIL.  Entry into Line-Up area will be accessible ONLY by entering from KERR STATION ROAD!! Drivers should follow all directional signs for entering into the Line-Up.  Parade officials will meet & direct you to Line-Up Spot.  No access may be made from SOUTH PINE STREET, during staging of parade Line-Up.  Vehicles will only be able to access the staging area from KERR STATION ROAD. Late arrivals may be positioned to end of the Parade Line-Up. The Parade Will Start At 3:00PM.

Ø        JUDGING:  Judging will take place during the course of the Parade, specifically at the STAGE, located in the KNIGHTS Shopping Center Parking Lot.  EXCEPTION: “MAYOR’S CHOICE”(Overall Winner) judging will take place in the LINE-UP AREA, prior to beginning of the Parade.  To be considered for this award, your entry must be         in-place by 2pm. [ Refer to AWARDS RECEPTION ]

Ø      PARADE PARKING: NO PARKING ALLOWED FOR VEHICLES OF NON-PARTICIPANTS IN THE “LINE-UP AREA”.  Only parade participant’s vehicles will be allowed to remain in this area.  “CARPOOLING” IS HIGHLY ENCOURAGED.  Anyone dropping-off participants will be allowed to proceed thru “Line-Up Area”, but will be required to depart immediately, upon uniting participants with their parade entry. PANTHER TRAIL will be a ONE WAY street.           

Ø      BUSES: Band buses may proceed thru “Line-Up Area” on PANTHER TRAIL by entering from KERR STATION RD.  After unloading participants, buses must then proceed to the “RESERVED” parking area located at Central Elementary School on POND ST., which will be the “Finish/Disband” & designated “pick-up” area for all participants.

Ø       ANIMAL/EQUESTRIAN UNITS: “COGGINS” VERIFIERS WILL BE EXAMINING YOUR CURRENT FORMS.  DO NOT UNLOAD ANIMALS, UNTIL PAPERS ARE INSPECTED.  Vehicles with horse/animal trailers may proceed to Designated Field, located between Panther Trail & rear access drive to Middle School-South. Unloading & staging of horses will be conducted in this Field. After unloading, proceed (with trailers) to Central Elementary School Parking Lot.  This will be parade “Finish/Disband” area for all participants.  ALL entries MUST make arrangements to have animal “droppings” scooped up immediately, during course of parade – with their own personnel & equipment.  Additional autos/trucks may not be used for this purpose.  “Droppings” MAY NOT be dumped in “Finish” area.

Ø       WALKERS/RIDERS/MARCHING UNITS: Upon reaching parade “Finish” & designated pick-up area, individuals need to remain in area, until appropriate pre-arranged transportation-provider arrives.

Ø       “LOST & FOUND KIDS/FIRST-AID”: Stations will be located CJH-South on Panther Trail, Knights Shopping Center & at Central Elementary School Parking Lot, for any lost child or missing person – ask event staff for assistance -or- local authorities will also be on-duty. 

Ø       It is parents’ responsibility, of children participating in the Parade, to make necessary arrangements to have their children met & picked-up from the designated “Finish/Disband” area, in a reasonable amount of time following the completion of the Parade.    

Ø       Any entry with children riding on a vehicle/float must provide ample adult supervision.  This is mandatory for all such entries. There must be at least 1 adult per entry, on which children are riding.

Ø       Participants may ONLY ride floats during Parade.  DO NOT use floats as transportation from one destination to another.

Ø       All float participants will remain on their float at all times, while float is on Parade route.  Absolutely no participant will get on or off a float once it has started down the Parade route.  Only in cases of emergency or float has reached designated “finish” area, will any participant be allowed to get on or off a float. 

Ø       Entries should reflect the Theme of The Christmas Parade – interpreted in an acceptable & tasteful manner - mindful of the responsibility that goes along with a public presentation.

Ø       ALL PARTICIPANTS in the Parade are expected to perform courteously, in good taste, and with safety in mind at all times during the formation, execution and dismissal of the parade.

Ø       Nudity and Obscene Displays or Actions Will Not Be Permitted.  Any violation of this rule, to the embarrassment of OUR COMMUNITY & the public-at-large, will result in the IMMEDIATE REMOVAL FROM PARADE LINE-UP & NOTIFICATION OF LAW-ENFORCEMENT AUTHORITIES.

Ø       Alcoholic Beverages Are Prohibited on any float, cab of truck, car: in the parade “staging- area”, on the parade route or in the designated “pick-up area” following the parade. Any violation of this rule will result in IMMEDIATE REMOVAL FROM PARADE LINE-UP & NOTIFICATION OF LAW-ENFORCEMENT AUTHORITIES.

Ø       Loaded Firearms & Explosive Devices Are Prohibited.               NO participants are allowed to have or be in possession of any Loaded Firearms or Explosive Devices: before, during or after parade.  Violation of this rule will result in IMMEDIATE REMOVAL FROM PARADE & NOTICE TO LAW-ENFORCEMENT AUTHORITIES.

Ø       Any motorized unit/vehicle, which becomes disabled & delays the Parade, will be removed from Parade route.  All towing expenses will be at the participant’s expense. 

Ø       Parade Committee Officials reserve the right to remove any person or unit from parade “staging-area” or parade route, who, in its opinion, is offensive and/or a hindrance to the progress of the Parade, or places other participants or spectators in physical danger, or violates any of the rules & regulations set forth in this document.

Ø       3-wheel and 4-wheel ATV’s will be allowed only as a part of larger theme, the details of their use must be submitted in writing and approved by parade committee officials.  No Exceptions.

Ø       NO MATERIAL of any sort (i.e. candy, toys, etc.) will be THROWN from floats or any other unit, under any circumstances.  This is due to potential physical injury, danger, insurance and littering problems.  Distribution of material is allowed. Materials are to be handed out by walking units only, and not thrown from floats or vehicles.  Candy must be in original wrappers!  Violation of this rule will result in the immediate removal of that unit from parade, and violating group will not be allowed in next year’s parade.

Ø       All vehicular entries will be required to produce, upon request by parade officials, the name of that entry’s driver, his/her’s valid driver’s license, and current proof of liability insurance.


Ø       Cabot Parade Committee Officials will be checking each entry in Line-Up Area for compliance to rules & regulations.  Officials must approve any exceptions to rules & regulations.

Ø       The primary focus for the “Cabot Christmas Parade” is to provide a safe, enjoyable & quality parade in/on the streets of downtown Cabot.

Ø       AWARDS CEREMONYALL Awards & Trophies will be presented during a celebration in the KNIGHTS Shopping Center Parking Lot immediately following The Parade. 

Ø       The Parade Committee cannot control the weather.  If at any time leading up to or on parade day, the weather/street conditions are deemed unsafe, the parade will be postponed.  If inclement weather, please call 501-920-2122 for info.  A determination will be made, by 1pm.  RAIN DATE: (in accordance with information on Entry Form).

Ø       Thank you for your participation in this year’s parade.  Any additional questions, please contact Parade Officials at 920-2122.